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Are you ready for a change? Are you looking for a fitness program that provides you with guidance, structure, and support? 

If your struggles include:

  • YoYo dieting

  • Finding motivation to stay consistent

  • Avoidance and procrastination around exercising

  • Difficulty finding a realistic nutrition plan and sticking to it

  • Finding an exercise program that suits your personal needs 

  • Working out in a comfortable and relaxed environment


I want to work with you! I thrive on designing fitness programs that help people reach their health goals. Using proven and effective techniques that address weight training, cardio, nutrition, and behavior modification practices in a cohesive manner that will increase your fitness level and help you to obtain optimal health!




People, Passion, Power and Purpose.

I love working with people like you and learning what motivates you and why. I'm passionate about developing your inherent power and giving you the tools to fuel your purpose. 

Individuality is paramount to a successful fitness program. By customizing a program that fits your specific fitness level, you will gain confidence, physical strength and the ability to maintain an active lifestyle. 


Age defiantly!


As we age, strength training becomes key in combating the signs and symptoms of the aging process.


Fight back against a slowing metabolism. Fight back against lethargy and weight gain. Fight back against aches and pains. Fight back against bone loss and decreased mobility. 

I will design a program based on your concerns and slow the aging process so you achieve optimal health


Change takes support. What better way to get that support than training with a friend or partner. 

Training individually in conjunction with a partner maximizes time, incorporates another level of support, and can enhance results.


Need someone to talk you through it, walk you through it, and make sure you don't fall into bad habits?

   I'm here for you!


I am determined to help you crush every goal you have. I'm only a phone call, zoom, or fitness session away. We will get through whatever it is, together. I'm passionate about your purpose and I'm not afraid to guide you, support you and push you through your challenges. 


Goal setting is one of the most important steps in change. Having  clear, concise, and realistic goals encourages forward movement and drives success.

We will dig deep together and find your 'WHY' and, with my support, you will get results and reach your objectives.

Whether we work together on a limited basis or you join me for my 12 week program, 

we will set goals, modify them as we reach them, and then set new ones as we crush the old ones. 


Your body and mind need fuel. What kinds, how often and how much is enough? What types of food should be eaten? 

 You will learn techniques that will allow you to nutritionally fulfill your body with healthful ( and yes, delicious ) foods. 

Your healthy food choices will become a ritual and integrated part of your lifestyle.


Thanks for submitting!

Elizabeth Wax

Personal Trainer License number 2142968

    Nutritional Coach License number 2225199

Accountability Coaching

Couples Training


At 62 I didn’t think I could change my body. Working with Liz has proven me wrong. She’s workded on my core, my balance, and strength. I felt and saw a difference after just two weeks. I can’t wait to continue working with her and, with her training and support, I am confident that I can reach my utlimate health goals. 



Over the years I’ve struggled with diet and have lacked the motivation to begin an exercise program. I am getting older and was feeling tired and groggy all of the time. Not only was I concerned about my health but knew that if I wanted to maintain my successful career, which takes energy and stamina, I needed to make some changes. I have been working with Elizabeth for 8 weeks. During this time, she has provided me with the guidance, structure, and support to help me to maintain a consistent workout program. She has been instrumental in showing me how to integrate healthier food options into my diet in a moderate way.

Paul G.

I have never been one to work out. I have always shied away from exercise and did not believe that fitness was for me. I met and began working with Liz 12 weeks ago. Through her program, I have lost weight, gained muscle, and found a ‘new’ me – a healthier version of myself. Through learning about exercise techniques and nutritional tips, I have gained confidence in my ability to be athletic. I am so grateful for her support and guidance and look forward to taking all that I have learned and applying it to my every day life.


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