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I'm Liz and I have lived in the Bay area all of my life.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach who thrives on helping others to break through limiting beliefs and barriers around health and fitness. 


 I have been a fitness, nutrition, and health enthusiast for over 15 years. I am fascinated by the interdependency of body mechanics and nutrition and understand the importance of the whole body approach to health and wellness.  

As a result of my passion, as well as navigating through my own personal obstacles, I have discovered how to modify behavior, create disciplined habits, and design effective practices and training programs that allow for healthy and happy lifestyles.

I have spent years training and have learned what it takes to stay motivated and reach optimum health. My hard work and consistent modifications to life stressors, unharnessed my passion for helping others to reach their goals and learn new ways to find optimal health and wellness. 

Fitness is a choice. I want to help you reach your fitness and health goals!

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Adopting a healthy lifestyle takes time, patience, perseverance and SUPPORT. My mission is to give you the tools, the mindset and the skills, to go exactly where you want, while developing new goals along our way, together. 
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Shadow on Concrete Wall


My vision is to work with people who are battling obstacles in overcoming their fitness challenges. I also enjoy working with people that may find the aging process has hindered their ability to achieve their fitness goals. Working together, we'll find a multitude of ways to access and unleash your potential. 

I love digging in to discover the amazing parts of you, bringing them to the surface and aligning them with your purpose and passions. 

My approach to health and fitness is integrative. I believe in the whole body approach where physical movement, introspection, mental agility and nutrition, all come together to build the foundation for "the fitness mindset".

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